[3830] WF3T SS CW score/comments

WF3T steve.steltzer at paonline.com
Mon Nov 3 23:54:57 EST 1997

                       ARRL SWEEPSTAKES -- 1997

      Call: WF3T                     Country:  
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single Operator High Power


      160        0        0        -
       80      286      572        -
       40      430      860        -
       20      148      296        -
       15       90      180        -
       10        0        0        -

     Totals    954     1908       79

               Score:  150,732

Power Output: 1500 watts     Hours of operation: 22

Equipment Description:   KT34XA's @ 100, 70, 40
                         40-2CD's @ 114, 52 (Bottom fixed on EU)
                         80 vertical loop
Club Affiliation: PVRC

        Still needing AB for the sweep, what to my wondering ears do I hear
but a VE6 start to CQ just at the edge of my passband. When he sends the 6,
I'm jumping, can't believe my luck. When he gets to /7 at the end, I'm
crying :-)
Slide the VFO a bit and work him just in case. Nope, it's BC. Now, believe
it or not, who answers my next CQ? VE6EX   Unreal!
        "Seeing" all my contest friends from over the years. It's amazing
how many calls are in our very own "super check partial". Thanks! 
        Being called by quite a few newer hams (not the guys using club
calls) who were in there struggling with the code. Good for you guys! CW
forever :-)

        The actions of quite a few jerks trying to work Jay. You know who
you are, you see what you've done. Shame on you.


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