[3830] N4CW SS CW Score

N4CW at aol.com N4CW at aol.com
Mon Nov 3 21:44:57 EST 1997

N4CW (at K4PB's) SO/HP (Unassisted)

N4CW     NC       22.9    140,400      900         78

Comments: I was in the pileups for VY1JA and clearly heard him say he was
QRT, and "...mad as a hornet..."  so I didn't bother to pursue him any more.
I can't fault Jay for feeling that way---the mob was ill-behaved, plain and
simple. As Maxwell Smart would say, "Missed it by -THAT- much!!!". Hat's off
to all the fine QRP ops who persisted, despite contrary conditions. And my
thanks to Alan, K4PB for being a gracious host. 

73, Bert N4CW  [N4CW at AOL.COM]

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