[3830] Is your name important to you???

J. Allen jallen at yecl.ca
Sun Nov 16 21:27:27 EST 1997

Ken is seriously considering putting the worst offenders on the internet

A kind of "Lids Hall of Infamy".  The title is mine at present for
announcing beforehand that I was not going to be able to be there for the
whole contest period for CW SS.  Several have told me that it acted as an
electric cattle prod in the rear.... making the rear of the operator do the
thinking instead of the head.

Ken is letting spreading the word that he will be there for the whole
contest, and that he is recording the pileups so that he can track the lids
and publish their names.  Knowledge that Yukon Territory is available
throughout the entire contest period may relieve operator anxiety to
contact this section, and further knowledge that poor behavior can become
POSTED record may be sufficient impetus for operators to act with more

Ken is ready for that contest, and is as excited as a little child waiting
for Christmas morning to open his toys.  He has put in a careful effort
toward winning, not a detail gets missed.  If the MUF is even mildly
favorable, I think that he has a chance to put in the best score that Yukon
has ever seen.

I have given Ken a list of my favorite spots, frequencies that end with 27,
37, and 77, like 3777, 3837, 7077, 7177, 7227, 14147, 14177, 14237, 21237,
21327, 28327, 427, and 437.  He will most likely follow the MUF.  If he has
an opening of sufficient size on 10, Yukon will be there.  

Ken is running only 100 Watts, so do not look for a BIG signal.  

My amplifier is still flaky.  I have had several tube offers.  The one
which I am going to try is switching from the 8874s to much less expensive
tubes with similar ratings, the 4CX400 from SVETLANA. The whole conversion,
tubes and parts for the modification should run about $500, and while
replacing the 8874 with new would cost $1000 minimum.  If I ever have a set
fail again, the difference will be even greater, because the conversion is
already done.

Thanks to all that offered help, especially N6IG, and W6GO.  I really
appreciate it.

Ken will see you in the fight.


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