[3830] KK7GW Phone SS M/S score, comments

David Jones kk7gw at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 16 20:09:41 EST 1997

                              ARRL SWEEPSTAKES  1997

      CALL: KK7GW                    SECTION:WWA
      MODE: SSB                      CLASS: Multi/Single


      160        0        0           0	<no antenna>
       80        0        0           0	<tuner wouldn't tune the 40m 
       40       96      192          15 <skip stayed long, heavy QRM>
       20      116      232          37 <Good old 20>
       15       71      142          16 <Nice cross-country openings>
       10        0        0           0 <Vertical shorted out before the 

     Totals    283      566        68   =>  38,488
     Hours of operation: 16.4

Power Output: 100 watts

Operator List: KK7GW, KC7DZZ

Equipment Description:
Station 1: TS-520S, Timewave DSP-9
Both stations used a 20m Inverted Vee @40', and a 40m dipole at 30' 
Both stations also shared a Vectronics Antenna Tuner (whichever rig was 
on 15/40 got
the tuner, the dipole is cut for the low end of 40.
Station 2:TS-530S

Comments: (comments to my comments welcome)
40 skip was really loooong on Sat. night, anyone else not work local 
stuff on 40?

This was a fun contest until late Saturday.  Andy, KC7DZZ, and I had 
planned to go the
full 24, but Murphy had a different idea.  The 40 dipole's indoor 
connector decided to
short out (luckily when we were checking 15 before the contest), and we 
managed to get
a connector in time for the start.  Later on, when we wanted to switch 
the 2nd radio from
15 to 40, we found out that the other connector had shorted.  Back up to 
the roof we
went, only to take the mast down to find that the connector wasn't 
screwed in all the way,
causing a 5:1 SWR on 40.  
Had the second radio's mike break early Sunday, can't figure out why, 
but it wouldn't key
the rig, or it would key but not put any power out.  That forced us to 
only 1 radio.
We both mutually decided to stop at 2011z Sunday, as we were having 
problems, radio problems, and illness problems.  Looking back, we should 
have been
more prepared, but we weren't.
The contest operating was fun.  It was the first time for both of us 
trying a 2 radio setup
in a M/S contest, and we had a fun time co-ordinating our transmitting.  
We could always
tell if the other was transmitting, because we'd get S8 noise in the 
other radio's RX.  
We had 45 2nd radio Q's, or 15.9% of total Q's.

Some highlights:

After trying to get KH7R on 15 for a couple minutes, sliding down to 
find AI6V in PAC
with 1 call.
Popping through the W0SD pileup on 20
Getting at LEAST 15 Q's in the 15 and 20 Extra subbands, glad I upgraded 
a week and a
half ago.
Finding VE5AAD for SK, a section we usually never get.
Getting VY1JA in 1 or 2 calls on 40, Saturday night (we have a great 
path to VY1 land,
I've worked whoever's oping 'JA in about the last 5 or 6 major domestic 
contests, other
than CW SS this year.)
Picking up N7MZW for WY, a section I heard very little of.
Continuing the string of contests that I've worked John, N6MU.
Managing to get K7VS in ORE, skip was out on 40 all night and just 
barely heard him,
didn't have 80 or we'd have EWA and ID, too.
Breaking through the AF7O pileup for UT on 40
Having 40 open to the east coast late on Saturday, got a "great signal" 
report from SFL,
and picking up SNJ as well.
Finding a weak VE2WAT for Quebec on 20, another section we usually never 
After screaming in the mike for KL7Y for about 5 minutes, went down 20 
and found
KL7WP for Alaska.

The special call award goes to VX8XN/P (portable) in ON, for the last 
section we got,


All the problems we had
Skip being really long on 40 so I couldn't get ID or EWA
Not having an 80m antenna
Not hearing SF
KP2D not hearing me on 15...even though I'd just worked 2 or 3 stations 
that were
weaker than him. He just CQ'd in my face.

On a side note, there's been a discussion on CQ-Contest about 1X1 calls 
advantages/disadvantages.  Well, I worked 5 of the 6 1X1 calls in the SV 
thing, and
worked W0R for my first MO.  We'll have to wait and see how they all 
did, but I heard
some of the 1X1's lose Q's because the other op thought there was more 
to the call and
eventually dumped the Q.  I heard there was a certificate for working 5 
of the 6 in SV,
anyone know more about that?

Didn't meet the goal of 600, but for the challenges we were faced with, 
I am satisfied
with what we got. 

If my wrist heals, I'll see you all in CQ WW CW.  Thanks for the Q's.


David Jones, KK7GW
kk7gw at hotmail.com

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