[3830] K4AAA/7 SS SSB Remote Control

Bill Fisher - W4AN w4an at contesting.com
Mon Nov 17 08:36:38 EST 1997

Made 178 QSO's and 50sum mults.  

Operated remote control over a long distance telephone link with a 
station in Seattle. The station was a TS870, Alpha 87A, and verticals in 
the beach next to the Pacific ocean.  Couldn't use the amp on 20M due to 

Was very interesting working it from the west coast.  Biggest problem was 
keying the transmitter and logging on the same computer.  I would have to 
ALT-TAB between applications each time I keyed up and down.   In spite of 
that, I had the 10min rate up to 150 once on 75M.  

This remote business is fun, but definately not the way to make a big 
score.  Mostly I enjoyed giving friends a QSO.  It was funny to call 
someone I knew and listen to them get REAL weak because they went to an 
east antenna instead of a west antenna.  This happened a lot.  The other 
fun thing was saying "western wash" to people who knew the callsign and 
then getting to explain what I was doing.  

Look for W4AN/remote-georgia soon.



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