[3830] AE6Y SS PH SOHP Score

Andy L. Faber ALF at berliner.com
Mon Nov 17 13:19:09 EST 1997

SCV Section

10    0
15 410
20 462
40 194
80 140
Totals:  1206 QSO's x 79 sections = 190,548 points for NCCC.
    24 hours

Rig: TS950SDX, Ten-Tec Titan.  Force 12 2/3 el. on 40/20, 80m
rotatable dipole and 3/3 el. on 10/15, all at about 65'.

Soapbox:   This was 24 hours of grinding for me.  Enjoyed the
first two hours on 15m, and surprisingly had a nice hour on 40 at
about midnight local time when I could get a good run of East
Coast stations going without the usual cacaphony in the
headphones, but in between it seemed like just plain hard work.

  I did a comparison of my log for 1992, when I had 1234 Q's,
with worse 40 and 80 antennas, and no dvk, but with sunspots
and 400 q's on 10 meters.  In 1992, roughly speaking, I worked
500 q's the first day, including only about 80 q's that night for an
hour or two on 40/80, and 700 q's the second day (all in about 21
hours).  In 1997, by comparison, I made 700 q's the first day and
night, including many hours of pain on 40/80, then only 500 Q's
the second day with none on 10. And, this took the full 24 hours.

  I did have the benefit of saving my voice by using my homebrew
software dvk to send callsigns and exchanges on many of the
q's, but I'd trade all that for a return of 20m staying open till
contest end as it did in 1992 and to have10m back!

    73, Andy

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