[3830] KT0R Multi-Single HP SS SSB

Greg Fields aa0ob at skypoint.com
Wed Nov 19 03:46:56 EST 1997

Call: KT0R
Ops:  KT0R, K0OB, K0MX
Section: MN
Hours: 24

Band 	Q's	Ant
80	356	Dipole at 45 feet
40	824	2 elements at 65 feet
20	568	4 elements at 75
15	93	tribander at 45 feet
10	1      ""
	1847 x 79 = 291,826

Soap box - the cheese cake
Wow! This sure beats doing it from home with a tribander at 33 feet!
The three of us had so much doing CW together we met again
for phone. Last year the mighty K0MX and myself contested for cheese 
cake and cookies but, this year we combined forces with the new big 
station in town, KT0R. Dave's new station is really something It's 
good to be loud! We had 6 hours of rates over 100. I would like to 
thank Dave and his wife for their hospitality. It was a great weekend!


Greg Fields K0OB (Previously AA0OB)
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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