[3830] KB1BUF 1997 SS Phone MS/HP Score

Brian Arsenault arsenaul at emc.com
Thu Nov 20 11:03:03 EST 1997

KB1BUF's Results from 1997 Sweeps - SSB

Class:   Multi-Op (NE1C, N1FIY, N1XBV, N1MPY)
Power:   B
Section: WMA

QSO's:  392 (391 counted, 1 dupe)
Sections:  77
Score:  391 X 77 = 60,214

Rig:  Icom IC-740
Amp:  Drake LN-4B
Antennas:  20M - 4 el. mono @ 85 ft.
           80M - dipole @ 80ft.

This group was comprised of the leaders and members of Explorer Post 73,
an amateur radio explorer post based in the Worcester, MA area.  We operated
from the QTH of NE1C in N. Grafton, MA.  Operations were on 20M and 80M only
due to antenna problems on other bands.  Only missed NL and MAR, so it wasn't
too bad.  Thanks to all that helped!

73, Brian - N1FIY

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