[3830] K0OB NAQP Score

Greg Fields k0ob at uswest.net
Sun Aug 2 16:04:48 EDT 1998

Op:	K0OB
Class:	SO
State:	MN
Hours:	10

Band	QSOs	Mults	Ant	
160	13	9	Alpha Delta sloper at 30 feet
80	54	27	Dipole at 26 feet, vertical up 8 feet
40	133	42	Sloper at 40 feet and Alpha Delta sloper
20 	210	45	Tribander at 30 feet and Gap Vertical up 12 feet
15	111	31	ditto
10	41	20	ditto
      562  x  174 = 97,778

FT1000 and FT890

I think the neighbors heard me scream Friday night when I came down
to the shack and saw the A=26. Why does this always seem to happen
just before a contest? At least there was some stuff on 10 early 
on in the contest. This is the first time I got to use both radios
for a full contest effort myself. I'm amazed how easy it is to  
listen to a different radio in each ear. And it's really neat to 
be able to hear what's going on with the other bands. Made over
50 Q's on the second radio and got some needed multipliers. 
This is one of my favorite contests. Probably because it's so
family friendly with the short run time. I don't get that 
"look" so much when I "request" time to operate NAQP, hi.


Greg K0OB

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