[3830] W1HIJ NAQP CW "Fresh Meat"

W1HIJCW at aol.com W1HIJCW at aol.com
Sun Aug 2 15:59:31 EDT 1998

This was the "fresh meat" contribution contest ... had to work all day
Saturday and couldn't turn on the radio until around 0215Z. Figured it would
be fun to just be there with no pressure. End result:

BAND         Raw        Valid           Mults       
  40              65             65              29
  20              44             44              28
  15                1               1                1

TS940, 40M Dipole, 20M Dipole, Orange County, CA, 2.5 Hours

20M at 0220, sweep the band for 15 minutes, then see if anyone is left on 15.
Not a peep -- 5 minutes of CQ'g (I kinda felt like a beacon!) nets only Dan
(K1TO) who is apparently the only one still listening.... so back to 20 for
more S&P and CQ'g until 0320. Then up to 40. Sweep the band up and down
several times, get chased off frequencies a couple of times, and then finally
park on 7044 for the last half hour (until 0455).

Nice to hear all the old friends -- didn't find as many new guys this time but
maybe that's just August. Anyhow, a great couple of hours and a pleasure to
hear you all again.


Bill, W1HIJ

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