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Jim Harvey n0av at
Mon Aug 3 21:25:09 EDT 1998


August 1998----Iowa Section
          QSO'S     MULTS
160      36              19
80        85              33
40       153             45
20       185             43
15       104             31
10        48              22

           611    X      193  =   117,730

The overall activity seemed to be down this time around so guess most of the scores seemed to suffer accordingly....although there were a few exceptional scores...W4AN & K3MM come to mind..good show guys!  I still am working on the two-radio contesting thing and guess I improved a little bit this time but more practice is needed. I also need to revamp the antenna switching scheme. Somehow I ended up with the 80 & 40 meter antennas on the same remote switch so was unable to use both bands at the same time...I knew this problem existed after the January NAQP but forgot to fix it...oh well!! It also would be nice if the 10-15M doubander used on the 2nd rig was rotatable and not 60 feet east of my TH6 stack! 

Thanks to all who did make the effort to put in some hours this time. The 10 hour format sure makes for a fun contest that does not tax family life so much!

Jim,  N0AV

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