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Mon Aug 3 21:34:11 EDT 1998

K1TO Single-Op Florida

First ever 10-hour effort in this test.  A struggle right from the start.

160 - 13   7    UGH!!
 80 -  108  35   
 40 -  175  47  Nice to have a beam at long last!
 20 -  247  47  Nice to have the stack back!
 15 -   88  42  
 10 -   33  18  
total -  664  196   130K

Team - Florida Contest Group #1

Was on the tower when the test began and discovered that the 
hardline connector to my 20/80M sw box had failed.  Rewired those
bands to the other sw box which reduced band flexibility dramatically.
Think this hurt the 10M number somewhat to miss the first 20 min.

Had t'storms in the area for what seemed like all day.  Was forced off 
for over an hour from 2038-2144.  QRN was S6 on 10M here and got
worse on each lower band!  Used the beverage on 20M often!

Did get my second '930 back from the shop Friday, so had some
2-rig capability, but it usually meant a limited selection of the second
band due to the unexpected feedline realignment.

Have to admit that if I was not on the FCG team that I'd've packed it
in way before the end.  The coup de grace was finding that my 160 L
has a 3.5-1 SWR, limiting the power to about 40W.  Moved a bunch 
of guys to 160 only to have them CQ in my face and work everyone 
else!  Spent probably a half hour there to work 13 Qs in 7 states.

Guess it would've been hard no matter what to match the sheer
excitement of the IARU test 3 weeks ago, but the combo of equipment 
issues, conditions and weather made it extra tough to stay at it...

Nice to hear the level of Florida activity so high!  (At least I could hear
them over the QRN.)  

73, Dan

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