[3830] NY4T NAQP SSB

ny4t ny4t at home.com
Sun Aug 16 14:39:10 EDT 1998

        Team/Club : Tennessee Contest Group #2

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   

  160SSB       7           7          7       4 
   80SSB      73          73         73      26 
   40SSB      80          80         80      30 
   20SSB     101         101        101      38 
   15SSB      87          87         87      32 
   10SSB      26          26         26      13 

 Totals      374         374        374     143 

    Final Score = 53482 points.

Rigs: Kenwood TS450SAT (10-75M)
      Kenwood TS50S (160M)
Antenna: 300' wire loop, ladderline feed, 15-70', diagonal
DVK: none

Couldn't get a run going on 20 until about 7:30.  Wasted first 15
minutes of
contest trying to run on 20.  80 is usually my best band but it didn't
for me.  Was working everyone I heard but guess summer condx are just
Interesting E opening on 10 to upper midwest.  Didn't hear many on 160M.
All in all, I feel like I made a good effort.  Lower score and less
than January but more mults.  Murphy visited me rather than my equipment
before test.  Pinched a nerve that runs from shoulder to neck night
then got hiccups an hour before test.  Funny thing, I know how to cure
in about 90% of folks, but when I get em, I'm stuck with em.  Luckily
quit just 10 minutes before the test as I was starting to weigh the
of starting later or going all s&p for a while.  Lots of TCG in log and
several comments about us being everywher ;)  Nice work folks, I had a 
blast.  Now if I can just get my decrepit frame outta this lazyboy.

Lee (NY4T)
"he who hesitates is lost....and vice versa."

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