[3830] N8VW NAQP SSB SO PW class

Patrick Collins pcollins at freenet.columbus.oh.us
Sun Aug 16 15:39:23 EDT 1998

Approximate score: 550 q's x 182 mults ~=102k

765 (does anyone know how to fix the problem with the VFO knob not tuning
3el tri-bander @50' 
40/80 dipole @30' (coax had several worn spots with water damage!)
90' 160 vertical with 80 radials

Fun test.  10 meters was pretty good.  Seemed like it was open to the
upper mid-west but I guess everybody was on vacation.  Had a great run
going on 40 meters till W9RE decided that he wanted the frequency.  Called
lots of people on scatter who just couldn't hear. New call is great.

Pat Collins N8VW

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