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Thu Jul 2 05:01:26 EDT 1998

Suffering post-contest delerium and insomnia (how do I obtain in-
contest insomnia, I'd like to know), I stayed up and carefully
checked my hand-written log.  Here is my revised and more detailed

Canadian QSOs: 534   =       5340 QSO Points

RAC QSOs:       34   =        680 QSO Points
DX QSOs:       182   =        364 QSO Points

Total QSOs:    750   =       6384 QSO Points

Multiplier:                   109

Claimed Score        =    704,856 Points 

(Possible new record - the old mark is: 
VY2SS  1163 QSOs  77 Multipliers  615,230 points, set in 1996)

My multipliers by band:

160 CW  -  5
160 SSB -  3
80  CW  -  9
80  SSB -  9
40  CW  - 10
40  SSB - 10
20  CW  - 11
20  SSB - 11
15  CW  - 11
15  SSB - 11
10  CW  -  8
10  SSB -  7
6   CW  -  0
6   SSB -  0
2   CW  -  2
2   SSB -  2  (FM, really)

The only VE8 I heard was VE8MN/6 in Alberta.  Gary VE7NTT reported
snagging VE8EV (in NWT) on 20m when all-banders like me were
snooping around the low bands.  VY2 (Prince Edward Island) was also
rare.  Band sweeps (finding all 24 multipliers on any one band)
were hard to earn this time.  

Conditions were quite good, with Es on 10m providing me with
multipliers for all the Maritimes, Newfoundland and Manitoba. 
Crummy F-layer propagation wasn't good enough to work VE7 on SSB,
but CW did the trick.  

When 15m first opened up, I could hear JAs (their local midnight or
later!) and Europeans, but all my sked with Prairie big guns like
VE6JY or VE6RAC (VE6SV) failed until mid-afternoon.  VY1RAC (VE6NAO
at VY1JA's place) was easy to work, interestingly.

The bands all seemed to get anaemia by 1700z, or my fellow citizens
found the diversions of Canada Day parades and picnics more
enticing.  The real keeners, like the VE6JY crew, the various RAC
stations, Ken N6RO really help sustain activity in a smaller
contest like this one, as they infect even the most casual tuners-
by with the fun of the contest.  

This was my first serious entry in a RAC contest in many years.  I
manged the two contests for the last five years and during that
time. I got on and operated, but only put in a check log.  Now
freed from my self-imposed restrictions, I threw myself into the
fray.  In a way, this effort was a celebration: I am now free of
the heavy load of managing these contests, and just hours before,
I completed repairs to my antennas damaged by the disasterous ice
storm that hit Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick in January.  
73, Dave VE2ZP

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