[3830] K7NPN Score ARRL CW

Mike Pickard mpickard at netcom.com
Tue Mar 3 01:59:27 EST 1998

K7NPN Score ARRL CW 98
Category: Single Op Assisted, Low Power
Team/Club Western Washington DX Club
HRS: 36

Band    QSO     PTS     MULT
160     2       6       1
80      14      42      12
40      54      162     25
20      258     774     66
15      206     618     43
10      34      102     18
TOTAL   568     1704    165    SCORE: 281,160

EQPT: Force 12 C-4, Cushcraft R7, Slopers on 80-160. TS-140,DSP-9+.

Comments: A personal best for DX contests. Had a ball! High point was
working XU for all time new one and getting 9X0A on first call. Looking
forward to the next one. Assisted class is the only way to go!

Low point was the repeated reminder that there are still some 
"unAssisted" ops who are either blatantly dishonest or have an uncanny 
ability to sense where to tune there radios such that they arrive at the 
spotted frequency before any of the Assisted Class entrants can get 

Thanks to all for a great time.

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