Sante - IK0HBN ik0hbn at isa.it
Tue Mar 3 06:47:57 EST 1998

1998      World-Wide RTTY WPX Contest
Sponsored by:  Hal Communications, Corp.

CALL: IK0HBN  (SO/HP)                       LOCATION
CLASS: Single Operator    Multioperator
     X High Power         Single Transmitter
       Low Power (100W or less)         Multi-Transmitter
       QRP/p (5W or less). Power used:                 . 
 Check one:
       All bands
       Single Band:              .

Band  QSOs  QSO points Prefixes Score: Rest periods (Single Operator
160m:                          Stations Only)  
80m:     66   266   40                             to
40m:    113   562   87                             to
20m:     80   203   43                             to
15m:     19    54   11                             to
10m:      7    18    4                             to
Totals: 285  1103  185      Total: 204,055
Station Description: 
Antenna(s): C3XL, GAP, 2 phased verticals for 40 m., 3 Beverage's 

Remarks (Biggest thrill in contest, funniest story, comments, etc.):

Great fun, I'd like spending more time. Hope better next year. 

Club Competition: MCC (Marconi Contest Club)

This is to certify that in this contest I have operated my 
transmitter within the limitations of my license and hae 
observed fully the rules and regulations of the contest.
Signature_ Sante Lillo_________ 
Call  IK0HBN                       .

Sante Lillo, IK0HBN 
Localita' Saineta, 3 
01030 Bassano in Teverina (VT) 

Logs must be postmarked no later than March 10th-  For RTTY Mode.. 

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Sante Lillo, IK0HBN                   | Home  telephone: +39-761-407543 
Localita' Saineta, 3                  | Fax on request : as above
01030 Bassano in Teverina (VT) Italy  | Cell. telephone: +39-338-6825052
E-Mail: ik0hbn at isa.it                 | packet: IK0HBN at I0INU.IUMB.ITA.EU
Home Page: <http://www.qsl.net/ik0hbn>| DX cluster : IK0HBN > I0JBL-6

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