[3830] DL6FBL -- ARRL SSB 1/1/0

Norbert Lomb 101762.435 at compuserve.com
Mon Mar 9 09:46:16 EST 1998


 Call: DL6FBL                  Category: SO/15m/HP/UA
 Mode: SSB                     

 BAND     QSO    PTS  MULT     Antenna
 160        0      0     0     
  80        0      0     0     
  40        0      0     0     
  20        0      0     0     
  15     1268   3804    57     3el Quad @ 24m (too small)
  10        0      0     0     
 All     1268   3804    57 =>  216,828  

 I decided to go for 15m single band, since I had a date Saturday
 night. Additionally some friends were operating the European
 VHF/UHF/SHF contest from a mountain-top nearby and eventually 
 would need some assistance.

 Everything went fine. Murphy visited once: Shortly after 1300z 
 Saturday W/VE signals were not as loud as expected and in 
 addition I lost my frequency to FS5PL. Finding out why, 
 I checked the rig and antennas: Heavy winds had taken my Quad 
 almost 90 degrees off direction... I had to correct this
 another three times over the day, before the winds calmed down.

 Propagation was quite strange on Saturday. Some signals were 
 very loud, but on the other hand the band did not really open
 to the northern part of the West Coast. Compared to the CW part,
 when 15m died around 1830z, now you could work stations until
 about 2200z (K1ZM was still 58 then).

 Sunday's propagation was hot. Signals were louder and also the
 Northern West Coast was ok (inspite that I missed Idaho). 
 And, as in CW, the band died around 1830z.

 What now? My single band entry was complete. So I decided to
 have some fun and go to 20m for an hour and hand out some points.
 I took 14,335 kHz and started calling CQ at 1839z:
    At 1904z I had 100 QSOs (25min)
    At 1931z I had 200 QSOs (27min)
    At 2003z I had 300 QSOs (32min)
    At 2033z I had 400 QSOs (30min)
    At 2106z I had 500 QSOs (33min)
 That was a 200+ rate for over 2.5 hours... Big fun...

 What now? At 2124z I took 7,082 kHz listening at 7,295 kHz. Some 
 time later I had to move a little, because at least two other 
 stations started using 7,295 also. I went down 0.5 kHz for the 
 rest of the contest:
    At 2153z I had  50 QSOs (30min)
    At 2224z I had 100 QSOs (31min)
    At 2257z I had 150 QSOs (33min)
    At 2320z I had 200 QSOs (23min)
    At 2347z I had 250 QSOs (27min)
    At 2359z I had 270 QSOs.
 That was a 100+ rate for 2.5 hours in the last hours on 40m...

 Just by having some fun I went beyond the 2,000 QSO mark. 
 Maybe I should have been operating all bands ????????????
 See you all in CQ WPX contest.
 73 de Ben DL6FBL

 P.S.: I was very angry about some contesters, who were willfully
 and knowingly stealing my frequency, overhearing complaints.
 Maybe we need an extra category for good sportsmanship behaviour.
 E.g. ZZ2Z, YT1R (SSB), IQ4A (SSB+CW) and GW3YDX (CW) would need
 some extra "training" to win there. Anybody got remarks?

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