[3830] WI0WA-WPX Single band 15 HP

Larry Lindblom w0etc at ix.netcom.com
Mon Mar 30 12:39:31 EST 1998

WI0WA Single Band 15-High Power.    Operator W0ETC.

    Qs: 871
Mults: 454
Score: 922,982
Hours: 26

Station: IC-775dsp, Ameritron AL-800H, stacked TH-7s at 124 and 93 ft.

First go for the club call in WPX SSB (the contest this call was
intended for).
Yes, for all those who asked WI0WA is located in IOWA.

Great EU and JA openings on Saturday combined with a Gud EU opening on
Sunday had me thinking a mega point plus score.  But, the Sunday JA
opening was almost nonexistent and I settled for 922K.  Congrats to K5XR
for his fine score.  For the 2nd year or more in a row it appears a 5
will have the top USA score on 15.  Must be something it the water in 5
land (hi-hi).

Was rather surprised to work several OHs Sat afternoon with beams on JA,
they were loud.  Eu opening on Sunday started rather strange, with the
59+ EUs not hearing me, but the ESP copy EUs telling me I was
"Booming".  Conditions eventually settled down and yielded a decent run.
However, the JA opening lasted less than 30 minutes with only a handful
of contacts. The final two hours of the contest consisted of CQ on VFO 1
and S&P on VFO 2 for less than a total of 15 QSOs.

No complaint about the 0 point Qs as many of them were gud for a mult
with an   overall average of 2.33 points per Q.

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