Jim Pratt n6ig at netcom.com
Sun May 31 21:22:48 EDT 1998

WR6AAA, operator N6IG, from W6GO/K6HHD station:

Band   QSOs  QPoints
 80     76      406
 40    514     2596
 20   1194     2421
 15    315      686
 10      7       21
TOTAL: 2106    6130  x  688  ===> 4,217,440

As has been said, conditions stunk the first 24 hours. No JAs on 10 or 
15, no Eu on 20 the first night, etc...Last year, at the end of the first 
24 hours, my score was 3.5 Meg;  this year it was barely above 1 Meg.  
Glad I did as well as I did.  Great Eu Sat evening!!

My 2 hour nap Sunday morning turned into a 5 hour nap, I sure don't 
remember turning off the alarm.  Missed three hours prime JA time, I 
ALWAYS set at least two alarms, but for some reason I didn't this time.  
Wail til next year!  (Of course with 1-point W QSOs the whole contest 
strategy will be different...)

Congrats to all for sticking with it, it was sure fun.  Highlights were 
having FT5XN and VQ9ZZ call in on 40 meter LP, and working SEVEN stations 
in Cyprus all with big scores.  I didn't know the island was that big!

Gonna let WR6AAA stay on my club's repeater from now on, much too hard to 
get people to understand, especially in bad conditions!

73 and thanks to Jay and Jan (and Dusty, their cat) for letting me invade 
their home.

Jim  N6IG

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