James H. Fitzpatrick, Jr. jhfitzpa at facstaff.wisc.edu
Fri Apr 9 21:47:24 EDT 1999

Station: C6A/WI9WI
Category: SO AB LP UA

160      0      0
80        5      3
40        8      4
20     228  118
15     556  237
10     439  200

Total:  1236     562     1.732.646

Gear: IC-706  low dipole 80/40     R-5 vertical 20/15/10

Comments: Excellent propogation. Excellent radio location right on the beach
with unobstructed horizons to Eu, W, JA. Lots of activity. I applaud Steve
and the CQ WPX Contest committee for making in country QSOs 1 pt. This can
only increase activity which will help EVERYONE. One point QSOs - Zero (I
did hear a station signing C6A/W7*** at some time during the test).
Excellent beach on the property with good snorkeling. Good beer. Problems:
Rented car broke down Fri night (for the second time that week). Got sick
early Sat AM and missed a couple of good hours just after sunrise. The call
was a mouthfull and some stations just couldn't handle it. My father has
been ill, and I didn't get around to getting permission to ask for my C6AJZ
call until the week before the test. I had problems calling BATELCO from
Eleutehra and just decided to go with C6A/WI9WI. Of course when I got back
to Madison Monday nite the permission was in the mail. So it goes. Wasted a
lot of time trying to work stations on 80/40.

All in all this was fun and satisfying. Thanx for the contacts.


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