L William Morton ki6gq at ctaz.com
Sat Feb 13 20:24:45 EST 1999


20M  90
40M  67
80M   0
    157 X 37  2.5 Hours

Station: KI6GQ in Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Rig:  IC-761 @ 100 Watts to PRO-96 @ 50'
Keyer: Bencher paddles, hand logging!!

  First, thanks  to Bill KI6GQ for the station!
I am an ER doctor and my company offered me some shifts
in Parker and Nogales, Arizona in January and February.
During the January trip down, I visited Dave, K6LL, and
during a bicycle tour of Yuma he said he could get me a
station to use in the sprint (W7WW). And to think I had
been planning to push him off his bike into the Colorado
River just to gain a spot in some future Top Ten!
  Anyway, the catch in the job was that I had to work
24 hours on, 24 hours off for my whole stay in Arizona.
These are BUSY ER's, just like the TV show, and I quickly
realized I would be too tired to drive the 2 hours from
Parker/Lake Havasu City down to Yuma(W7WW), operate the
4 hours and drive back. I ran across Bill KI6GQ and he
graciously lent me his station. I actually ran out of 
energy after 2.5 hours and quit but it was a great time.
  K6LL is an impressive operator. His station is just a
radio on a table, and a 50' foot tower/KT34XA/2EL40 in the
back yard. His shack wall is covered with SS plaques.
Thanks also to David W7WW for having offered the station.

CU all in ARRL DX CW from Northern North Dakota!


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