[3830] Honor Sprint #2 - Results

Ward Silver hwardsil at WOLFENET.com
Sat May 29 11:23:58 EDT 1999

Thanks to all that participated - the consensus was that it was fun and
there should be another honor sprint targeted at DX participation.
Imagine - a two-hour WW sprint!  Stay tuned...

73, Ward N0AX

Honor Sprint #2 - 22 May 1999

			Q's	Mult	Score	Name	QTH	Pwr    Club
NE6N (op N6RT)		72	22	1672	Don	CA	HP	SCCC
K6LL			64	20	1200	Dave	AZ	HP	SCCC
K4RO			61	19	1159	Kirk	TN	HP	TCG
W4PA			63	17	1071	Scott	TN	HP	TCG
K4BAI    		54	19	1026	John	GA    	HP
N0AX			56	18	1008	Ed	WA	LP	BARC
WD4AHZ			55	17	935	Ron	FL	LP	FCG
W4OC			54	17	918	Don	SC	LP	SECG
N2IC			53	16	848	Steve	CO	HP
N2MG			43	19	817	Mike	NY	HP
VA3UZ			51	16	816	Yuri	ON	LP
KK7GW			39	18	702	David	WA	LP	
G4BUO			37	18	666	Dave	G	HP
K7RAT (op N6TR)		37	16	592	Bert	OR	HP	BARC
W7GG			34	15	530	Bob	OR	HP
KU7Y			30	17	510	Ron	UT	LP
WT9U			29	14	406	Jim	IN	LP	SMC
W9RE			17	9	163	Mike	IN	HP
I2WIJ			12	11	132	Roberto	I	LP
WC4E			12	10	120	Jeff	FL	HP	FCG
W0EEE	(op NØSS)	13	6	78	Tom	MO	LP

Comments: That was certainly different!  16 band changes - plus a few that
brought no replies.  Nice to work a few DX stations as well. [WD4AHZ]

The highlight was working VQ9VK! First one I ever heard and there he was
calling CQ NA! He didn't seem to understand the QSY rule but I didn't
bother to try explaining. Heck, this is all just for fun anyway! [KU7Y]

Thrill of my (short) operation in the contest from the new club station of
the Univ. of MO - Rolla, with 100W to an 80M dipole on 15M was being

Just a little activity between family stuff. [N6TR]

It is simpler to keep the rules the same as the NA sprint, but I would
welcome you opening it out so it is more attractive to people outside NA. 
I started late because I was watching the FA Cup Final (football) but got
the impression that activity levels were not very high. Could not hear any
NA on 10m so started on 15. I enjoyed the contest, I am a great fan of
sprint contesting. [G4BUO]

10 was dead as a doornail.  7 QSO's there.  15 and 20 were good and even
worked VQ9 and some Europeans as well.  Maybe the next one use 15/20 or
15/20/40 and call it the worldwide Sprint, time adjusted for best DXing
both ways?  August?  October? [W4PA]

This was my first stab at playing with two radios, and it went very
smooth.  I didn’t use any computer rig control, so my apologies to some
guys I accidentally called as a dupe at the start.  It took me a little
bit to get in the swing of things with manually entering band changes for
both radios.  It was nice to have a bunch of DX participating!  It added a
some excitement and much needed extra QSOs.  Thanks to Don W6EEN for
letting me do a little warmup before WPX. [N6RT]

Had to leave for a ball game.  Seems like the test is gaining some
popularity! [W9RE]

Enjoyed the Honor Sprint.  Sorry conditions were not better and that there
was not a lot more activity. [K4BAI]

Glad to offer (the only?) NY multiplier. 10 was a ghost land. Tnx to those
who pulled my signal out of the mud.  Took a few Qs to get into the Sprint
"swing" - NA helped.  Tried to operate without my real keyer and paddle,
BAD idea (for me).  Hooked it back up 15 min into contest. [N2MG]

This was fun, and good practice.  I seemed to run out of stations to work
before it was all over.  Maybe more folks will give this a try in the
future. [K4RO]

Activity only on 15, unfortunately the only band not tuned yet on my
Vertical R7 antenna!!! [I2WIJ]

Only had a few minutes to operate.  Look forward to the next one! [WC4E]

Might be fun to have a CW/Phone combo, maybe double points for CW?  Just
enough time for a little workout. [W7GG]

Interesting to have a high-band sprint.  It was also encouraging to have
several serious European entrants.  I think next time we'll have to count
country multipliers outside North America.  Nice to see VQ9VK show up
calling, "CQ NA"! [N0AX]

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