[3830] 1999 CQP N1KWF SO (NH)

The Lakes rlake at monad.net
Sun Oct 3 21:09:32 EDT 1999

                   California QSO Party -- 1999

      Call: N1KWF                    Country:  NH
                                     Category: Single Operator

      MODE      QSO    QSO PTS  MULTS

       CW      145      435        0
      SSB      266      532        0

      Totals   411      967       57  =   55,119

Equipment Description:   TS940,  SB220,  CT logging
                         TH6 @ 92', TH6 @ 60' 10,15, and 20m
                         Loaded boom of the top TH6 on 40m
                         Vertical dipole from top of 93' tower on 80m
                         Inv. V for 160m from top of tower
           Fun contest...Wish I could have put in more than 11 hours
           missed the entire day Sunday....Next year!  Missed (DELN)
           county for a sweep. Lotsa fun huntin down the counties...
           See ya all next year.
           Randy >>

Club Affiliation: yccc


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