Ken Ken
Tue Oct 5 10:51:05 EDT 1999

                                           CALIFORNIA QSO PARTY

     Call used: K6LA                                          Location: LAX
      Category: Single Op All Band         Mode: MIXED           Power: 1500
      Callsign of Operator: K6LA

     If multi-operator, show calls of all operators and loggers:

     Exchanged Information: K6LA nr LAX

     Hours of Operation: 23:56

     band   CW QSOs    CW pts     Ph QSOs    Ph pts
       160          0         0           1         2
      80         84       252         109       218
      40        148       444         127       254
      20        196       588         495       990
      15        250       750         434       868
      10         94       282         457       914
     144          0         0           0
TOTAL      772      2316        1623      3246

     ( 5562 ) QSO points  X  ( 58 ) Multipliers  =  322,596 points


 Murphy paid me a few visits (software and hardware) and it cost me.

Right from the start of the contest I had problems with NA. When doing the
two radio thing with one radio on CW and the other on phone, the CQ message
for phone would kick in as I was working a station on CW. It would freeze
the CW radio and I had to go through all kinds of machinations to get it to
stop. I rebooted the computer a few times, went back to NA10.39 and then
back to 10.40 but nothing helped. That put me in a negative state of mind
and I wound up down 50 QSOs from last year in the first two hours.

Then when it was time for 160, it was like my antenna wasn't there. It had
tuned perfectly Friday. Last year I made 50 QSOs on 160. This year I made
one with AD6DO and he could barely hear me.

So Dan, AD6DO, was able to beat me by a narrow margin for 2nd place.

On the positive side, I made 2400 QSOs before dupes and beat last year by
10k points. I was at 2370 with 15 minutes to go and set up low on 20 SSB. I
did some great begging and wound up with 2401 before dupes.

73, Ken, K6LA (Ken Six Los Angeles)

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