[3830] W6PH CQP

W6PH W1PH/0006743923 at MCIMAIL.COM
Thu Oct 7 12:18:18 EDT 1999

                   1999 California QSO Party

          Call: W6PH    California County Expedition
    Location: Lone Pine, Inyo County    Class: SO HP Mixed

             80CW:   87 QSOs        80SSB:   95 QSOs
             40CW:  162 QSOs        40SSB:   62 QSOs
             20CW:  187 QSOs        20SSB:  122 QSOs
             15CW:  125 QSOs        15SSB:  194 QSOs
             10CW:   96 QSOs        10SSB:  409 QSOs
       Total   CW:  657 QSOs          SSB:  882 QSOs

            Mults:  58   QSOs:  1539   QSO Pts:  3735

            SCORE:  216,530   Operating time:  23+45

            TS-930S, SB-200, Ants: Dipoles @ 30 ft, 40m Vertical

My primary goal was to have fun and I achieved that.  Second, I
wanted to beat my old best score and maybe the county record.  The
antennas were erected field day style, nothing fancy, just some
dipoles on a Radio Shack push up mast that I put up on Friday
afternoon.  That's when I discovered a high line noise, probably
from a cracked insulator.  I put up with this S8 noise all weekend
and missed a lot of calls and had to have a lot of repeats.  Sorry
to those affected.  Dismantling the antennas only took 15 minutes
and were stored for the next visit.  It was very nice working low
power K7SV on all bands both modes.  I had all my multipliers except
RI and SK when I went to bed at midnight.  I got SK early Sunday
morning, but didn't get RI until W1WFZ called me later in the day.
There was a certain nostalgia operating this contest which reminded
me of my Field Days as a young ham in the late 50s.  The AE6Y software
worked flawlessly.  This CQP was really a lot of fun and coincided
with our annual visit to the Lone Pine Film Festival the following
weekend.              Kurt Pauer, W6PH

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