ny4t ny4t at home.com
Sun Oct 10 19:07:18 EDT 1999

I hadn't planned on working this one at all but got rained out of
working this weekend.  Always wanted to try a contest QRP so I opened up
the TS450, cranked it 
down to 5 watts and had at it.  Tough going except for a phenomenal run
early Sunday afternoon.  Ran for about an hour and a half solid on 20
which definitely helped my score.  Thanks to all of those who struggled
to pull out my exchange.  This is a fun contest.  My only suggestion
would be to change the 10 Meter suggested frequency from 28.310 to
something outside the recognized non-contest window of 28.3 - 28.5. 
This, of course didn't impact my score since 10M never opened here to
PA.  I did hear W3HA on 15M but he couldn't hear me.

                            PA QSO PARTY SUMMARY SHEET

 Contest Dates : 9-10 October-99

         Callsign Used : NY4T
         Operator : NY4T

         Category : SO QRP SSB Only
	Power Used: <5 Watts

 Default Exchange : NY4T/QRP QSO# Tennessee

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults

   80SSB     15          15         15      9
   40SSB     30          30         30      13
   20SSB     120         120        120     33

 Totals      165         165        165     55

165 x 55 = 9075 x 2 (QRP) = 18150 + 400 (W3HA x 2) = 18550 Claimed Score

Lee Hall (NY4T)

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