[3830] AE5E (N8SM op) CW Sprint SOHP

Steve Miller millersg at dmapub.dma.org
Mon Sep 6 00:35:45 EDT 1999

Call used: AE5E
Operator : N8SM
Location: TX
Category : HIGH POWER
Default Exchange : # ED TX
band     QSOs   points   mults  DX      time      antenna
 80       49       49      1     0   0315Z-0359Z    HF2V
 40       82       82      7     0   0210Z-0314Z    HF2V
 20      115      115     39     1   0000Z-0150Z  1/4 vert
TOTAL    246      246     47         3:39

Final Score = 11,562 points.


It almost felt like Field Day. I arrived home late from a 
trip (2140Z), started taking the station out of summer
storage and began setting up. A major rat's nest of radial 
wires (thanks to the dog) took nearly 2 hours to sort out 
and deploy. The rig & amp were placed atop the washer and 
dryer at 2358Z. Instead of trying to set up a computer, I 
decided to use a paddle with the rig's keyer and log the 
old fashioned way into a small notebook.

Things went fairly well although my wimpy antennas got beat 
out too often. I took 20 minutes off to eat and replace the 
20m vertical with the HF2V. 40m was tough, 80 was tougher 
and noisy - verticals are lousy for domestic 'tests. Can't 
wait to get the tower up....

Heard but not worked: VE9, VE6

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