[3830] K9AY CW Sprint LP

Gary Breed gary at noblepub.com
Mon Sep 6 13:16:12 EDT 1999

Got beat up everywhere with my puny signal, so I adopted a 
"Don't Worry, Be Happy" attitude and just had fun with my 
low power and wire antennas.

Gary, K9AY
Grayson, GA

80M -- 44
40M -- 87
20M -- 75

Score:  206 x 51 = 10,506
Team: South East Sprint Team


Rig: IC-765  100W
Ant: 40-20-15 triband sloping dipole 50' to 15'
       80M 1/4 wave vertical in tree, 2 elevated radials
Logging: Writelog

Missed RI, DE, MT, ND, MS, MAR, YT -- Heard but missed 
RI and MS and I think there was a C6. DX was XE & KL7 mults 
plus G4BUO.

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