[3830] N6VR Sprint Results

Ray Benny jbenny at rain.org
Mon Sep 6 12:25:08 EDT 1999

Sept 1999 CW Sprint:     SCCC #1, High Power

    Band        Qso's          Ant
    20m         132             5el KLM at 80ft, KT34XA pointed north at
65 ft.
    40m        100              4el KLM at 70ft
    80m        31                Inv 'v' at 65ft, 3/8 wave GP.

Mults - 49.  Score = 12,887.

Worked VE2 and AZ in the last few minutes of 40m & 80M. Tnx to KY7M for
AZ. NE mult was KA9FOX/0, no UT and MT.

Condx were terrible on 80m. My noise was anywhere from S7 to S9. Was
able to work/hear only as far East as MO. Last year worked a few East
Coast stns.

Had trouble with the keyer partway thru, and I still log by paper. One
of these days I'll get a program that does Sprint and give it a try.

I tell new commers that Sprint is like trying to jump onto a train that
is going by 50 MPH! Always fun though....

Ray, N6VR

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