[3830] W4PA SSB Sprint low power

Scott Robbins srobbins at usit.net
Sun Sep 12 12:19:38 EDT 1999

W4PA SSB Sprint low power score

63/24 = 1,512 in 01:30

Team: Tennessee Contest Group Dogs

Ten-Tec Omni-VI Plus 100w / 160m Inverted L + tuner

Yiiii - W9WI already made a similar comment, but 100 watts and wire 
through a tuner is not the recommended method for operating the 
SSB Sprint.  Actually, I was getting beat out so much for contacts 
that I spent quite a bit of time listening to the streams of stations 
working each other from frequency to frequency.  Right at the start 
of 40m really getting going there were two huge pileups on 7.204 and 
7.210 of Sprint stations all working each other one after the other 
and a couple of savvy ops that were running through QSO's on 7.204
and then immediately going to 7.210, then back to 7.204 again.
Very slick !

TCGers worked: K4RO, K4BEV, W9WI, KF4ZR.  Heard: K4OOO, NY4T.

Hope everyone had fun 
Scott W4PA 

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