[3830] KL2A -SPRINT "Team Mini-Vert & Hurl Presents"

Jon Kimball kl2a at att.net
Sun Sep 12 12:00:43 EDT 1999

66Q X 26M



Arrived beach house 30 mins b4 test.  Found 33' vert. on the shed roof.  
Slapped it in it's place on the beach.  Found the radio in a box in
storage, flew through
the wrapping, dropped it in place, plugged it in @ 5:03pm (start).

40m vert works btr on 40, not 20, so back to the shed, find driven element
of an old TA33jr, hang it horizontal on a tree above the bay...more rate.

Had 20 min dinner...few more Q's.  Enjoy a cold beer...few more Q's.  Take a
walk with the ladies...few more Q's.  To the video store for a movie...few
more Q's.


I love these "no pressure" contests.  And we all had some quick fun!  

Thanks, 73 KL2A

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