[3830] Re: AA email address?

Gediminas Lucinskas ly3ba at takas.lt
Mon Sep 27 10:48:30 EDT 1999

I'm very sorry if my posting caused some problems to any one.
Please ignore it and send your logs via snail mail.
73! Gedas,LY3BA
P.S. If there would be no E-mail possibilities I don't think I would
send my 1200 QSO log via old fationed way.

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>In message "Re: [3830] Re: AA email address?"
>    on 99/09/26, Michael Dinkelman <mwdink at eskimo.com> writes:
>: I remember Tack (JE1CKA) commenting on this once before.
>: I thought his comment was that "contesting at jarl" was invalid
>: but I could be mistaken. (It wouldn't be the first time! <g>)
>: Maybe we can get Tack to comment again.
>: 73
>: dink, N7WA
>: At 08:59 PM 9/25/99 +0200, Gediminas Lucinskas wrote:
>: >I have send my AA SSB log to:
>: >   contest at jarl.or.jp
>: >and received confirmation. It works 100%
>: >
>: >73! Gedas,LY3BA
>Can you guarantee that contest at jarl.or.jp accepts the AA DX contest log
>"100%"? Do you know how the email logs at the address have been processed?
>I talked to a person at contest section of JARL right now, he commented
>JARL had never announced accepting the email-log officially.
>Such a comment like you did, JUST MADE A BIG PROBLEM at contesting section
>of JARL. There are NO GUARANTEE for log acception at contest at jarl.or.jp.
>So if anyone has a problems on the email logs to <contest at jarl.or.jp>, all
>the complaints should go to LY3BA.
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> Tack Kumagai JE1CKA/KH0AM
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> http://jzap.com/je1cka/

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