[3830] 8P6SH - SOAB Low Power CQ/RJ WW DX Contest

Dean St. Hill vision2000 at sunbeach.net
Mon Sep 27 10:46:35 EDT 1999

First the numbers - then a few comments.

So here are the raw numbers: 

CQ WW RTTY Contest

Call used: 8P6SH
Location:  8P

Entry Class: Single Op, All Band

Band    QSOs   Pts   QTH    DX  Zones
80         3     8     1     3     3
40       103   247    30    35    15
20       164   440    24    55    22
15       122   299    31    44    18
10       265   692    34    43    18
Total    657  1686   120   180    76


Claimed Score: 633936

Equipment:  TS 450s, KAM, Pentium 300 (Cyrix CPU with 64megs RAM)
Antenna:    Butternut HF6V - ground mounted
Software:   RTTY by WF1B  v4.4f 

Power Output: 150

Club Participation: ARSB

"I have observed etc. etc...

Dean St. Hill
17 Ocean City
St. Philip  
Now those comments:

This was my first real serius effort in a major RTTY contest. I had a
lot of fun with the limited resources available at my disposal for the

I have to confess that I am primarily a phone contester and in the last
couple months, getting everything ship-shape for RTTY has been quite a

The first thing that started to do strange things was the rig, which did
not seem very happy running anything more than 40 to 50 watts, then the
station power supply would just shut down even though I'd only be
running 40 to 50 watts - how would I put out a decent signal for the

I finally realised that my problem was a "light-weight" PS which would
simply overheat and also that the TS-450 which I love to death was also
suffering from over-heating. So this was the final solution - run the
rig down between 10-20 watts and drive my Alpha 374A for 100 to 140
watts output, while running a high volume industrial grade fan across
the back of everything (I also found a busted fan in the PS)

So we finally had everything up and running by Thursday ahead of
Friday's 'test. I had recently purchased a Butternut HF6V vertical
because I have been happy with the performance of the HF2V. All contacts
during the contest were made with this HF6V which I retuned for optimum
SWR in the RTTY sub-bands.

All in all I thought it worked well. Verticals seem to work very well
from a small island like Barbados and being a mult on most bands adds a
few db to the signal no doubt. Unfortunately several stations kept
responding to my call with 8P6SM, 8P6SA (Silent Key), or 8P9SH (yes
there are some 8P6's who contest - well a couple anyway!!). It was a
pain trying to make sure they logged the correct call.

There was some good DX on all the bands. I particularly enjoyed working
KH8, JY, SV9, TY, YB, YS, VK and ZS from this location on a new mode.
(OK so some of it isn't sooo rare - but with a vertical and <150

I also had some major problems with RTTY (the program) which on Sunday
crashed several times. I eventually noted that it only happened on 15m
and figured that I had some kind of stray RF floating around the shack
on 15m. Still it gave the error message [DPMI: Unexpected error 8009 at
03e7 057f].

So despite the few problems and a few family commitments which limited
me to about 36 hrs total operating time, you can be assured that I'll be
in there for most RTTY 'tests if only to give out a multiplier.

73, Dean - 8P6SH/8P2K

PS QSL Info: Manager is KU9C to callbook address.

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