The Irvine's ve9wh at nbnet.nb.ca
Wed Jun 14 20:49:10 EDT 2000

CALL: VE9TTY          Canada                                       Country

Multi-Op. Single Transmitter All Band Low Power

 	 QSOs	Points	DX:	Call Areas
80m: 	  0	  0	       0	 0
40m:	  0     0     	 0  	 0
20m:	 109	 1322	       28	 12
15m:	  29	  394	       16	  4
10m:	   4	  85	       3	   0
Total:  142	 1801
Continents:		4
Total multipliers:	63
VK bonus points:	0
Score:		453852
Station Description: Kenwood TS850 Writelog Contesting Software
Antenna(s): Wilson System 1 Tri-Band, Slopers on 40 and 80
Operators: VE9TTY Jim      VE9NIN Ron
Remarks: Couldn't even get started untill the second half of the contest,
too bad the conditions were so bad. Maybe next time. Thanks to those who
worked me.

This is to certify that in this contest I have operated my transmitter
within the limitations of my license and have observed fully the rules and
regulations of the contest.

Signature____________________________________________ Call
Jim Irvine, VE9TTY
51 Simpson Dr.
Saint John, N.B.
Canada E2H 2B8

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