[3830] N5OLS VHF QSO Party SOLP

Nell Barclay nbarclay at lcc.net
Thu Jun 15 03:28:08 EDT 2000

N5OLS     ARRL VHF QSO Party 2000 Single Op, Low Power

Grid EM21                                           North Texas Contest Club

BAND        QSOs         POINTS        MULTS

6M               760              760                231
2M                   8                  8                     7
Totals:         768              768                238  =  182,784


Yaesu FT-847
6m:  6-el yagi @ 75'
2m:  14-el yagi @ 80'

Fun contest, a lot better propagation than I had expected!
Bands were open to somewhere for practically the entire
contest, including from 0200-0430 CDT Sunday, when there
were more beacons on 6-meters than there were stations
calling CQ (or answering CQ's).  Fantastic short skip on
Sunday, but not as much propagation to New England as
I had hoped.  VP9ID was the biggest surprise on 6m, TNX!
Also nice to renew a lot of old acquaintances.  Back to KH8
in a couple of weeks, hope to work you all from there on 6
this fall.


Don Barclay, N5OLS

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