[3830] K8MAD Field Day - Class 2A

k8cc k8cc at mediaone.net
Wed Jun 28 00:22:54 EDT 2000

                          2000 ARRL FIELD DAY

Call used: K8MAD                                          Location: OH

Category: Multi Operator             Mode: ALL             Power: 150W

If multi-operator, show calls of all operators and loggers:


           CW      SSB      FSK
band    QSOs     QSOs     QSOs
  80      316      346        0
  40      744      610        0
  20      386      218        0
  15       88       40        0
  10       34       15        0
  50       12      228        0
144       11       33        0
Sat       12        1        0
TOTAL   1603     1491        0

            QSO points: 9,394
  100% Emergency Power:   200
         Satellite QSO:   100
Setup in Public Place:   100
             Publicity:   100
                 SCORE: 9,894

Station #1: TS930S, 80 zepp, 20 dipole, 10 dipole
Station #2: IC-765, 40 dipole (also used on 15)
Station #3: IC-746, 3L 6M yagi @ 27', 2M Boomer @ 30'

Biggest story of the weekend for us had to be the wx which made the first 
hour of FD pretty exciting.  The first blast of wind and rain at 1815Z, 
which combined to split open the west end of the 40/15/VHF operating tent 
along the bottom seam.  As K8MR and I scrambled to attempt to close the 
breach, KU8E (at the 40 CW station) noticed that the rain was so hard it 
was misting through the roof of the tent.  The next blast of wind split the 
tent along the top seam, where the west wall and roof come together.  Now 
rain was pouring in directly on my IC-765 and Dell laptop.  KU8E pulled the 
power plug to the tent while K8MR and I went outside and were instantly 
soaked trying to cover the damaged end of the tent with additional tarps.

Once the tent was (more or less) secured, we assessed the situation.  The 
transceiver was OK, but the MFJ DVK and Dell laptop were dead.  Another 
laptop was pressed into duty and we carried on, having lost about 45 
minutes of operating time.  I disassembled my laptop as much as I could, 
and it spent the next four hours propped up in front of the heater vents in 
my truck blowing air through it.  Despite these efforts, it was next 
morning before the laptop dried out enough to boot up.

Condx did not seem to be as good as last year, when short skip made the 
high bands more productive from OH so we were down almost 300 QSOs from the 
same setup last year.  The VHF station matched its totals from last year, 
including working some cool stuff on 50 MHz like C6, CO2, and a couple of 
W6s.  KU8E managed 13 QSOs on Oscar 12/13 in addition to the bonus.

Ultimately it was a fun weekend.  A lot of the equipment worked 
flawlessly.  We just gotta get a new tent!



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