[3830] info wtd on Heil headsets

w5kft at nts-online.net w5kft at nts-online.net
Wed Jun 28 11:40:21 EDT 2000

	 I need some input from contesters and  DX'ers and thought 
this would be a great place to get some input from them.....

	I am interested in getting information from  other users of the 
Heil PRO headset concerning some ongoing problems we are 
having in our contest station.   Would like to find out if others are
having the same problems.  Please send me an email and let me
know your experience with any of the problems listed below.

	#1  The covering on the ear cushions is very flimsy, quickly 
		wears out and frayed.  

	#2  The "pivot" point between the earphone and the headband
		is very fragile and easily broken

	#3  The connecting cable from the headset to the radio is such
   		small diameter wire that it is easily broken or becomes 

	We are having these problems on an ongoing basis in our 
contest station but Bob Heil says we are the only station having 
these problems.....would like to have some input from other users.

Bryan W5KFT

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