[3830] CQP SO KO7X HP

alan at es.com alan at es.com
Mon Oct 9 12:22:20 EDT 2000

                     California QSO Party
Call: KO7X
Operator(s): KO7X
Station: KO7X

Class: SO  Power: HP
QTH: Utah
Operating Time (hrs): 19

 Band     CW Qs    Ph Qs    Mults
  160:      10       11
   80:      38       65
   40:      46       51
   20:      74      236
   15:      46       29
   10:      17       18
Total:     231      410       58  =  87,754

Club: Utah Contest Club


Claiming a new Utah record. 20 meters was wide open to California during the
daylight hours both days. Life in the 15 and 10 meter skip zone is tough.
Thanks to the folks who pulled me out of the mud on those bands. Last county
was Sierra - thanks to Jerry, K6III, for calling in during the last hour of the
contest. The most unusual contact I had was with a guy in San Francisco who was
living in an apartment and was using an indoor antenna. He said his antenna was
only one foot long! He was peaking S5 at times - that is how good 20 meters
was. I missed the CQP last year (Eileen and I were vacationing in Ireland).
Glad to be back.

Alan, KO7X

CW is A1

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