[3830] NA Sprint SSB W7UQ LP

kl9a at qsl.net kl9a at qsl.net
Sun Sep 17 02:03:52 EDT 2000

                     NA Sprint - SSB
Call: W7UQ
Operator: KL9A
Station: W7UQ

Power: LP

 Band     QSOs  Op Time
   80:     44   
   40:     76   
   20:    126   
Total:    246 Qs   41 Mults =  10,086

Club/Team: Revenge of the Nerds


I learned 2 things.  
1. Low power is pure hell.
2. This contest is FUN from the states!

W7UQ is the club call for the University of Idaho.  Expect to see this one a
lot more. :)  
I can't count how many times I got beat out.  It got really frustrating after a
while, but it's till much better than doing it in AK.  I won't get into any
details, but this was a lot of fun.  Anyone have a cheap amp they want to get
rid of?  There is no keyer at the station yet, but there will be very soon. 
It's boring being stuck on fone!  
Rig:  TS-440
Antennas:  TH7 at 90 feet, Zepp at 85 feet
Thanks for all the q's, and see everyone in the next one.
-Chris KL9A/W7 (ex WL7KY)  Go Vandals! 
kl9a at qsl.net   

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