[3830] 9A7P CQWW RTTY M/S Check Log

hrle at rkp.ice.hr hrle at rkp.ice.hr
Mon Sep 25 17:54:08 EDT 2000

CQ WW RTTY Contest

Call used: 9A7P
Location:  Istra, Croatia

Entry Class: Multi Op, Single Xmit, Low Power
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Band    QSOs   Pts   QTH    DX  Zones
80        62   123     0    20     3
40        98   200     2    38     8
20       241   582    31    48    15
15       309   802    40    59    25
10       209   585    40    43    20
Total    919  2292   113   208    71


Claimed Score: 898464

Crazy Deaf Ops: 9A6XX & 9A5AEI
TX/RX        : TS440S  + WBFM 70cm
Antennas     : 2 el Quad (20,15,10m), Dipoles (40&80m) + Dipole (70cm)
Hardware     : Pentium 100MHz + 486 33MHz
Software     : RTTY by WF1B v4.5c + Packet SP v6.50 
Power Output : 100 W

Club Participation: WWYC

Comments: ryryryryryryryry
Yo folks, another great contest. Incredible turnovers.
Start of the contest was awful! 2 first hours hardly 40 qsos. Our
modulation was bad and that's the reason why we lost really many qsos.
Finaly at around 1400Z first day5AEI went to Bled (S5) with his YL).
At around 1900Z I was over with the contest as I couldnt concentrate any
longer and also I was introduced with complete rules where it says I cant 
make skeds via packet radio (I was on famous #cqdx via packet radio) but 
since non-radio amateur meanings are not allowed (so I finaly concluded that
packet has nothing to do with hamradio). 
Are there any skeds at all alowed? And if other station I worked is 
breaking the rules does that means I must loose the points also? 
After all said and done we didnt reached 1000 qsos but had a great
time with all the friends helping out (9A6NCM for makin' me sorry
I didnt go to disco, W3UR for learning new lesson in my life, mum
who brought me some food + my teacher who didnt gave me bad mark)
Special thanks to KB9UWU for prayers and DJ1YFK for incredible support
and all those for great skeds ..

73 de 9A7P Team 9A6XX ex.9A6NHH+9A5AEI ex.9A6TCA+co
ryryryryryryryry sk sk sk

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