Chris Hurlbut wl7ky at gci.net
Mon Sep 25 17:40:48 EDT 2000

33 zones
36 countries
42 states
for a grand total of...

31,080 points!

I just got on for a few hours from the club station.  Just kind of =
playing around.  Finally got the PK-232 sorted out.  That's a weird =
beast. :)  Used WL, and it was flawless as usual.  Sorry to K5DJ for the =
dupe... I'm not used to having to manually change bands in the log!  I =
guess I am a little spoiled with computer controlled radios.   I hope =
everyone found another Idaho to work for the mult.  RTTY just isn't as =
much fun as CW (or even SSB). =20
All of you Californians look for W7UQ in CQP... we'll be going for that =
nice School Club plaque! :) =20
-Chris KL9A/W7
kl9a at qsl.net

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