[3830] CQ9K WPX 2001 SSB M/S HP

Barros Teixeira ct3bd at netmadeira.com
Wed Apr 11 01:07:21 EDT 2001

                              CQ WPX SUMMARY SHEET

    Contest Dates : 24-Mar-01, 25-Mar-01

    Callsign Used : CQ9K
        Operators : CT3BD - Jos=E9,CT3DL - Lu=EDs,CT3EE - Lu=EDs,CT3EN - =
     CT3HK - Salgueiro, CT3IA - Miguel,CT3IQ - Alves,
     CT3KU - Tiago,CT1BOP - Jo=E3o,CT1DIZ - Alex

         Category : M/S

             Name : CQ9K - Madeira Team
          Address : PO.BOX 19 - 9001-901
   City/State/Zip : FUNCHAL - MADEIRA
          Country : Madeira Is.

        Team/Club : RRDXA (Rhein Ruhr DX Association)

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Prefixes  =20

   80SSB      62          62        359       13=20
   40SSB     314         314       1876       69=20
   20SSB    1816        1812       5430      547=20
   15SSB    1315        1315       3929      322=20
   10SSB    3075        3074       9192      367=20

 Totals     6582        6577      20786     1318=20

    Final Score =3D 27395948 points.

 This is to certify that in the contest I have operated my transmitter =
 the limitations of my license and have observed fully the rules and=20
 regulations of the contest.

Comments: On Friday morning, all the crew was really disappointed.
The KLM KT34, that we usually use for 10, 15 and 20m, was with 3.5 SWR.
All week we tried to fix this antenna. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday =
the wind in the mountain around the QTH, was about 120Km/h, so nobody =
could climb the towers. We had to fix the 40m beam, the KLM, and all the =
wire antennas went away during the week.
On Thursday we fixed the 2 elements Cushcraft for 40m, and prepare to =
lift up two dipoles for 80m and one for 40m, just in case.
The wind restarted at 2300z at 80km/h.
On Friday morning we picked up CT1DIZ and CT1BOP from the airport, and =
when they arrived to the Contest QTH, they didn't wanted to show up, but =
we realize their disappointment.=20
During the day we measured the wind speed and we got periods of =
Finally at 1800z, the wind came down to 10Km/h and we could start the =
antenna work.=20
Meanwhile the dipoles that got up on the previous day, flew away. We =
just had some pieces of wire and coax cable.
We decided to put down the KLM, not to use it in this contest, and =
prepared the 3-element beam from Asahi, similar to the Mosley 3 ele. =
Beam. At 2300z we had the main antennas mounted. Two dipoles for 80 =
meters, one dipole and a 2 Element Beam from Cushcraft, for 40 meters, =
and the 3 element for 10,15 and 20 meters.
Nothing was mounted for the Multies except the station itself.
All the crew was got exhausted so went to sleep on the first night =
except the three operators, which got the work for the first night.
In the morning, everybody was astonished with the 1.400 Qsos so early. =
An average of 200 p/hour.=20
So everybody went immediately to mount a 2-element yagi for the multies, =
and also a vertical from Cushcraft.
After the first surprise, everything went great. For all the operators =
the WPX is our preferred contest, so we made a big effort to get as much =
has we could.
The lower bands needs to be improved, our results this year were very =
low. If we had better weather conditions, we could improve the lower =
bands, with some loops, one or two beverages, and our vertical for 80 =
and 160 from TITANEX that we couldn't get up.
Many thanks to all the stations who worked us, specially the ones that =
had to wait for the QSO report, and many thanks to all the WPX Committee =
for organizing such a wonderful contest.
Congratulations to all the stations who got more points than us =
specially ZX0F, great performance, and all the other M/S operations.
See you all next year.
Description : Yaesu FT1000D, IC765, TS870
Ameritron AL-1500, Denton Ampl.
Asahi 3 elem. Beam for 10,15 and 20m
2 Elements. Beam for 10,15 and 20m
Vertical AP8
Dipoles for 80 and 40m
2 Elem. Beam from Cush. For 40m
160m No antenna
Thanks to N6TR, for putting such a wonderful Contest Program available =
for all contesters the TR-LOG.

This is to certify that in the contest I have operated my transmitter =
the limitations of my license and have observed fully the rules and=20
regulations of the contest.

 Date ______________   Signed _____________________________  Call =

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