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CALL: AK6R Country

__x_ Single OP., All Band Multi-Op. Single Transmitter (All band only)

Single Op., Single Band: . Multi-Op. Mult-Transmitter (All band only)

QSOs Points DX: Call Areas

80m: 0 0 0 0

40m: 27 256 3 12

20m: 289 5602 43 26

15m: 151 2566 25 22

10m: 10 219 4 3

Total: 477 8643=20

Continents: 6

Total multipliers: 138

VK bonus points: 2600=20

Score: 7159004

This is to certify that in this contest I have operated my transmitter =
within the limitations of my license and have observed fully the rules =
and regulations of the contest.

Signature_____/s/ Bob Brehm______________________ Call .

Bob Brehm, AK6R=20

6965 El Camino Real, #105-279=20

Carlsbad, CA 92009=20

AK6R - ANARTS -2001 Soapbox

Well thought I would try the ANARTS contest this year to see how =
competetive I could be from the West coast.  In a nutshell, even with =
zone scoring system, unless you are in Europe, VK/Zl land or on the East =
coast, it is very difficult to get the mults needed to be at the top.  I =
had fun anyway and here is a run down of how it all went together.

As many of you know, I run contests like Field Day - I use a permanent =
station setup at my office at work and have to setup the antennas on a =
tower trailer for each contest.  Fortunately, the CQ WPX CW contest was =
two weeks before and I just left the antennas up on the tower trailer =
thinking this would be adequate.  The only drawback was that the 15 =
Meter antenna was fixed at 38' and was NE toward Europe. (All the JA and =
VK/ZL who worked me on 15 - you were either longpath or off the back of =
the 5 element beam).  I was surprised at the number of JA's worked on =
15, at 90 degrees off the beam.  I also found out that the position =
indicator on the HAM IV rotator was broken and I had to time the =
rotation and use my intuition to swing the beam to any direction.  I had =
to constantly go outside and check the position - what a drag...  I will =
get that fixed before ARRL Field day!

I ran with a 2 element 40 M bem at 70 feet, a 4 element 20 at 64 feet =
(both rotatable) and a 5 element 15 M beam at 38 feet fixed to Europe.  =
(the setup is at www.qsl.net/ak6r - look under tower trailer and CQWPX =
CW 2001 for pix).

I did run SO2R and had rates to 37/hr with 6 hours over 30/hr.  Friday =
night was wild with 15 and 20 both open and my typing not keeping up =
with all thge activity.  I had planned to work 10 Q/hr/radio and it =
worked out to be 18.3 Q/hr average for both radios total.  Nothing to =
write home about.  I tore apart and repared two antenna tuners and a =
bandpass filter during the contest just to keep busy.

A further complecation was the 10 meter beam on top of the office =
building caused the firealarm to go off with any power over 250 watts.  =
My apologies to KE5OG at 2341Z near the end of the contest - the alarm =
went off before I could QSL the contact although I did receive and send =
the exchange.  I had to go and reset the alarm before the fire engine =
showed up (It has happened before with them showing up twice over one =
contest period).

I started at 5PM local (0000Z) and went until 2 AM when all the bands =
were dead.  Went to bed with about 2MM points hoping to break 5 MM for =
the contest.

Saturday started about 8:30 local (15:30Z) and went for 2 hours before =
the bands were like frying pans - all noise.  Took off three hours and =
came back to better conditions but not great until about 1900Z when the =
bands to Europe opened on both 15 and 20.  Worked all including some 40M =
(where was everybody?  No JA on low part and most worked in 7080+ =
region).  Got tired about 3 AM local (1000Z) and retired just short of =
6MM points.

Sunday slept in til 9:30 local and got to the radios at 17:30 where it =
was DUPE-DUPE-DUPE all day Sunday for the most part.  15 was very QSB on =
all signals from all of US and Europe.  20 was more solid but full of =
DUPES and 10 was empty.  Got real bored and alternated 15 CQ, 20 S&P or =
20CQ and 15 S&P.  Finally got idea to try 10 at end to get past the 7MM =
mark.  My thanks to VK2RT for putting me past 7MM!

Enjoyed all who worked me and thanks to all who had me on multiple =
bands.  Special thanks to AH6OZ, K6HGF, W7TI/6 and ZL2AMI for working me =
on all four bands.  ZL2AMI seemed to be everywhere with a very =
consistent signal.

Other strong signals included VE6RAJ, K4GMH, YV5AAX, KB5BOB (S9+40 at =
00:43Z Sunday on 14080.82).  ZL2BR was also strong when I could find =
him.  Most interesting new DX was 4F3XX, 9A2JK, D90CCKD,  DS5RYB, =

The rig setup was:

Radio #1: Icom 775DSP, Henry AMP, Dunestar filters, Coax Stubs.  Power =
output 1500 watts.
Radio #2: Icom 756PRO, Alpha 91b amp Dunestar filters and Coax Stubs.  =
Power output 1200 watts, except 10M - 250 watts.

Software: Writelog and 756PRO RTTY decoder.

Computers: Radio #1 using "E" machine networked with a Dell Inspiron =
3000 (p166) - both running writelog.  The Radio #1 computer was hooked =
to DXTELNET via Internet and worked very well (CTRL-T to send spots was =

Antennas on Tower trailer: Force 12 240X at 70 feet, Hygain 204BA, 4 =
element 20M at 66 feet, Hygain 155CAS, 5 element 15M at 38 feet NE =
fixed.  On roof at 50 feet Force12 C4SXL using 10M section only (3 =

Bob Brehm, AK6R
Carlsbad, CA 92009
ARRL Life Member
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