Mike nasfred at 1bigred.com
Mon Aug 19 20:41:59 EDT 2002

-+- SARTG WW RTTY Contest -+-
Sponsored by the Scandinavian Amateur Radio Teleprinter Group.

CALL: K4GMH                                                       
 Single OP., All Band            
     	QSOs Points  DX: Call Areas
80m: 	 10   100     3   8
40m: 	121  1630    38  14
20m: 	265  3505    56  24
15m: 	262  3645    53  16
10m: 	 28   380    13   6
Total:686  9260  

Total multipliers: 231
Score:  2139060

Station Description: IC-746, 4CX1600B AMP (1200W)
Antenna(s): TH7DX @ 125ft, TH6DXX @ 65ft, S402 @ 135ft, 80 Inv. V @ 120ft
S/W: RITTY & Writelog

Club Participation: Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC)

Remarks: An infinite improvement on my last year's score (On vacation at
this time last year - poor planning on my part).  

Ten meters was disappointing, but it could have been worse.  Friday night
the local thunderstorms made 80 worthless at this QTH.  Forty meters was
good considering the local conditions and time of year.  Twenty and 15
meters were good on a scale of excellent, good, okay and lousey... I was a
surprised to hear KH6ND loud on 80 Sunday morning (local time). Missed the
Japan stations on 40 meters Sunday morninig.  Got on 40 too late as just
heard them fading away.

The DX Packet Cluster spots helped a lot finding the multipliers and
determining which bands were open.  Thanks to all who took the time and
effort to post the spots.

Thanks to the SARTG for sponsoring the SARTG RTTY Contest.  They have
maintained a fine tradition with this contest.  The format of eight hours
on and eight hours off is nice (means one less variable I can mis-judge).  

Special thanks to all who were kind enough to work me. 

	Mike, K4GMH

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