[3830] CQ160 SSB W1CTN SO LP

darruzza at snet.net darruzza at snet.net
Wed Feb 27 22:59:15 EST 2002

                     CQ 160-Meter Contest, SSB
Call: W1CTN
Operator(s): W1CTN
Station: W1CTN

Class: SO LP
Operating Time (hrs): 16

QSOs: 326  States/Provinces: 51  Countries: 16  Score: 53,868


Equipment: FT 1000MP 100 watts

Antennas: Inverted L 50' vertical x 80' horizontal
          1/2 wave dipole at 40'

Receive Antenna: Magnetic Loop `ala all the ARRL antenna handbooks

I had alot of fun in this contest. The noise floor was managable and most ops 
respected the "gentleman's band credo". 

Mag loop worked good, but my 2 beverages have a hearing problem. Maybe i goofed
up the transformers. See everyone next year 

Mag Loop worked ok but could not get my 2 beverages working, they were pretty 

I found that I could not hold and run anything under 1900 khz, but there was
room and activity up to 1990 Khz. I even had 3 Europeans call me at 1985 khz,
that was a thrill.

The 1st night is always the most fun for me, all fresh stations. 2nd night 
gets slow so I ran our club call in tandem to give more points out and keep
from getting bored. Per usual heard more than I could work, kept telling myself
that the guys who could not hear me w

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