[3830] CQWW CW W1MU SOSB/40 LP

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Sun Nov 30 18:07:02 EST 2003

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: W1MU
Operator(s): W1MU
Station: W1MU

Class: SOSB/40 LP
QTH: Maine
Operating Time (hrs): 32

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
   40:  743    34      112
Total:  743    34      112  Total Score = 309,228



This was fun.  The highlights were many, but the best had to be late Sunday
afternoon when I was looking for a spot to call CQ.  Tuning down from 7.050 I
found an open spot at 7.042.  The contest was in its final hours and the only
thing I was really disappointed about was that had not worked TO4WW, and from
the pileup that was on him the prior evening I knew that if they showed up again
I would never get through with 100W.  So just as I find an open spot at 7.042,
and as I am about to hit the CQ function key, TO4WW calls CQ right there.  How
'bout that?  Suffice to say that I got to work TO4WW.  There were other
highlights as well, like working B4RF on Sunday morning, or getting KH2/K7KX to
come back to me, or tripping on SU9NC early Saturday evening.  Band conditions
on Sunday morning were really something - with JA's bombing through over the
pole with signals so strong that they sounded like they were on long path. 
There were legitimate S9++ signals from guys like JE1WZT, JA3YBK, JA5BJC, and
many others.  The lowlights were few - such listening to 9V1YC calling CQ,
alone, and not being able to crack the noise on his end.  I was disappointed at
the low number of QSOs I had with South American stations and have to find a way
to improve that next year.  The station here was an ICOM 756ProII running 100W. 
Primary antenna was a 40M3L monoband yagi from M2 at 85 feet and the backup was
an Optibeam OB2-40 at 70 feet, on separate towers.  Software was Writelog with
the external W5XD/K5DJ Multi-keyer.  My actual score will be lower, as there are
a few errors in the country file (e.g., VP8/LZ2UU was scored as Falklands, which
gave me a extra country).  My final score will end up lower.

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