[3830] NAQP CW N3BB Single Op LP

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Sun Aug 8 08:08:25 EDT 2004

                    North American QSO Party, CW

Call: N3BB
Operator(s): N3BB
Station: N3BB

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Austin, TX
Operating Time (hrs): 10
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   31    16
   80:   51    29
   40:  173    44
   20:  329    56
   15:  145    44
   10:   71    25
Total:  797   214  Total Score = 170,558

Club: Central Texas DX and Contest Club



My first August NAQP, since our local Summerfest hamfest runs at the same date. 
This year, I decided to do the contest.  What a huge difference between the
winter and the summer NAQPs!!!!!!!!!!  Duh.  I should have known, but I was
totally unprepared for the much poorer conditions overall.  N6RO mentioned the
"qrn wall" on 160 and 80.  Wow! And he got three hours less sunlight than we did
here.  80 and 160 started to clear up in the last 30 minutes and it was possible
to work people.  Before that, it was just not there!  I missed CA on 160-that
rare place.  The last 30 minutes, I called CQ on 80 and moved everyone who
called (n/i TX) to 160.  Almost all were successful.

10 was open pretty well for a while at the start.  I missed KC1XX in NH there. 
Heard Matt but he didn't hear me on a QSY.

20 and 40 were the work horse bands.  I don't know how many people I moved from
those two bands to other bands, but it was a lot.  I started out moving mults
and ended up moving everyone I could.  I moved 'em for QSO totals, not only for
mults.  Tnx folks. 

It's fun doing names.  There are quite a few female names, and that is nive to

Please pardon some bone head stuff.  I moved N1YC (CT was really rare this
contest!) from 40 to 80.  I sent 3520 and promptly forgot that freq, and went to
3525 and called James.  That QRG was a CQ freq of KT0R to whom I apologize for
terrible operating.  Never did find James in all that mess.  Lost CT on 80
andbothered KT0R at the same time.  Sorry!

Tnx to the local guys for good partipation.  Lots of central TX QSOs.

Other notes:
Lots of OJs in FL.
VY1YA on 20.  Lotsa VE3s.  VE9DX and VE1RGB were active.  
Good VE participation in general.
Two UNs on 20.
N6TR in SD and K7RAT in WY. The man is everywhere!

Good operators all around.  That was nice.

73, Jim

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