[3830] EUHF Champ CT1ILT CW Only LP

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Sun Aug 8 08:12:46 EDT 2004

                    European HF Championship

Call: CT1ILT
Operator(s): CT1ILT
Station: CT1ILT

Class: CW Only LP
Operating Time (hrs): 11

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Mults
  160:   24     0      20
   80:  101     0      45
   40:  111     0      46
   20:  273     0      61
   15:  186     0      51
   10:   23     0      18
Total:  718     0     241  Total Score = 173,038

Club: Worldwide Young Contesters


Hi all,

the first i worked this contest and i come to the conclusion that if no
conditions, there is no way on wining this contest.

I started on 20m and i had great rates, i tryed to move to 10/15
but nothing at all, i just couldnt hear much, on 15m i still 
got some rate after moving from 20m but 10m no way,!!!!!!!

160m/80m/40m i had tremedus static level, strom approaching, after the contest
it rained cats and dogs!!!! it was really hard to get anything on 160m with 100w
and inverted V.

Well who cares.

I also have to say that RV1AW was quite a lid guy, because i was always trying
to steal my frequencies.

73's Cu in WAE !! 


PS: One more thing GO WWYC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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