[3830] EUHF Champ SM3W(SM3WMV) Mixed HP

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Sun Aug 8 17:38:36 EDT 2004

                    European HF Championship

Call: SM3W
Operator(s): SM3WMV
Station: SM3WMV

Class: Mixed HP
QTH: Bäck
Operating Time (hrs): 12
Radios: SO2R

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Mults
  160:   36      6     31
   80:  104     55     49
   40:  101     26     49
   20:  100    221     54
   15:  107     94     56
   10:  107     65     52
Total:  555    467    291  Total Score = 297,402

Club: Worldwide Young Contesters


My first contest with the station in order for the contest season. The whole
summer have been spent on laying out coax, putting up towers and beams. A whole
new homemade antenna switching system had also been installed for full access of
all antennas for SO2R. My antennas are located up on a hilltop so I have 200m
low loss coax up there, some coax loss yes but my only option from this place.
Three years have been spent on draging crap up the hill (no driveway up there)
and finally almost everything is done. Thereby I wanted to try the station for
the winter season and used SO2R, so score sent to SCC will be a checklog as
usual...this contest would get really, really exciting if SO2R was "allowed".
The input stage on the TS930 seemed to be broken though, so I was a bit deaf on
the 2nd rig...but still worked abt 150-170 qsos on it. That number would have
been much higher though if I had an amp on it...

Stuff used:
160M: Inv vee
80M: Inv Vee (CW) + Sloper (SSB)
40M: 1/4 GP (50 radials)
20M: 4el mono + 3el @UA + 6el tribander
15M: 5el mono + 6el tribander
10M: Dipole + 6el tribander

Rigs: TS850SAT + TS930S
Amp: SB221 (80-15M)

The 6el tribander seemed to have some problem on 10m (and still has) cuz the
dipole worked a lot better...guess that decreased the score a bit but overall I
am very pleased with the result. Very good conds and fun that all bands opened
up like they did. I was a bit pissed in the beginning of the contest when 15 and
10m closed but as pissed I was when it closed I got even more amazed when it
opened up again, and like it opened up! Amazing...10m was open all evening which
I havent seen for a long, long time.

Hats off for lots of good scores this year! Now I will head back to University
again on Thursday and starting building stuff and plan to put up another tower
next summer, for 40M yagi(s)...this hobby is the best!


//Mike (SM3WMV // SM3W)

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